Saturday, March 16, 2013

Selfishly Selfless?

Get this straight in your head - Being selfish is generous, in-fact it's much appealing than being a kind soul. It’s addictive and truly acceptable. Once you taste it, there’s no coming back. Though my vocab is as good as my listening skills, I pity some of the English words for not being understood as they should be; Selfish is one of them which people often mistaken for stinginess and that’s take them way beyond the realm of foolhardiness.

Lack of knowledge is the mother of misconceptions, and this word is the mere victim of the same. Selfish, what everyone in the world is, it’s the universal truth. Being selfish is a human nature, telling someone to not to be selfish is like telling someone to stop being human. 

Not only we humans, the so called almighty is also seems selfish to me, she/he didn’t create the world primarily for our benefit, she/he did it for her/his glory and how she/he wants us all to worship her/him, and anyone who does otherwise is sent into a fiery pit. Its not me who’s saying this but our sacred Vedas and Puranas. By the way did you just noticed I put the she and her before he and him? If you know what I mean.

I think selfless is just a word, a superfluous word unlike selfish, which is real, unlike selfless, which is more of an illusion. Bragging about your selflessness is like bragging about your virtual life.

“Chiefly concerned with one’s own interest with the total exclusion of the interest of others” That’s how the free dictionary defines Selfishness and yeah we have done it so many times or doing so in our daily life. You don’t believe me, do you?. I have mentioned few points among countless examples below to highlight the tit-bit of our so called selflessness.

1.    Despite knowing the fact our parents will never let you do such things, we get laid in our early teens to make our inner-self feel good about our sexuality; and as soon as we get the big O, we don’t even give a flying fuck about the hard written rules, emotional promises and blind trust of our parents. 

2.    We rock carelessly and roll bluntly to feel-good without even care of our fist size heart, two bean shaped kidneys and a sting ray shaped liver.

3.    In our early childhood we used to enjoy and easily got distracted with the company of that toddler who’s got the biggest arsenal of GI Joes, without even thinking of your friend next seat, who always turn up early in school to reserve your seat in advance.

4.    We dumped our partners relentlessly for others without even caring about their feelings.

5.    We switch companies for our own benefit and companies too recruit better employees for their own.

6.    Even, we make friends according to our convenience. You’ll never befriend a strange person until or unless you get something out of it, it could be anything, your emotional support, your physical support, excuse to feel good, your crime partner, a reason to smile, a reason to get rid of tension, your stress buster. Etc etc..

Most of you be like “this is not being called selfish ok, get a life. It’s the way we choose to live our lives, in simple words our convenience” Convenience right?

All the above mentioned points have one thing in common, you know what it is? You know what makes us selfish is, the urge to feel-good. You may be the most generous person on this planet, but if you even WANT the feel-good feeling by giving, you are selfish.

Selfishness and feel-good factor walk hand in hand, but when it comes to sacrifice self-sacrifice to be precise, selfishness takes its last breath. Yes, I believe it’s only when you tend to self-sacrifice for anything you are entitled to be a selfless being. 

The day you obliterate the feel-good factor and infuse neutrality, you are entitled to be a true. altruistic or rather a sage. The ability to perceive outer world and your conscience are the only thing which separates a selfish brat from a self proclaimed selfless soul. 

I think the problem lies within us, we are the victims of the rules we live by


  1. Although you are an atheist but some times you sound more like a theist, saint, an observer, a humorous person and an ingenious super human. But there are some people in this world too who do everything unconditionally.

  2. Your blogs are always inspired by the true incidents of life with which people can very well relate to.. What makes them even more interesting is your sarcasm in subtle way!!

    Amazingly written Kabir.. Keep it up!!

  3. Wow. How could you write so well? This is so inspirational and rigidly true. This actually happens and I have no shame in admitting that I am selfish. Atleast not after reading this!

  4. Nice thought.... I loved reading the whole blog especially the six points you mentioned.

    Well written and well presented Mr. KayB aka. Kabir Bhatnagar :)

  5. Not you.
    I like the Ideology.
    & the last line

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